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ultimate flash sonic ultimate flash sonic

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Amazing, but you missed something...

Absolutely amazing game, but one rather annoying thing you seem to have missed. In the official games when you hit an enemy or land on spikes or whatnot, you loose your rings, but for about 3 seconds sonic/other characters flash and are invincible, so that they can grab some more rings and get out of the danger zone.

Because your game doesnt have that, on many occasions I've landed on a big set of spikes, lost all my rings, not got any on the way up/down and fell straight back down onto the spikes, killing me off. Very frustrating!

One other thing, maybe you should put some checkpoints throughout the acts?

Other than that, great game, keep it up!

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Monster Poolside Sumo Monster Poolside Sumo

Rated 0 / 5 stars

For gods sake

if ur gonna make a game, at least make is fucking work. Whats the point in just ramming your opponany which just sits around doing nothing??? U've really gotta think about ideas mate

Matmi responds:

I'm sorry you found problems with the game, but it is a fault on your machine. You are the only person who has had the problem. Perhaps you need the latest Flash player. What OS and what system are you running? I think its a bit unfair to rate me 0 as it isn't a problem in flash, or if it is it is caused by incompatibility, which I would never have found. Next time, please email me first, then I can sort out your problem, and you will be able to rate the game correctly, as you see fit